Update from Cormac

Cormac Highways & Environment teams are gradually getting back to normal after scaling back their work activities due to government COVID-19 guidelines.

Highways:  initial focus is on the maintenance of the main routes. Surfacing, surface dressing and some site-based programmes started at the beginning of June. They are also keen to take advantage of lower traffic volumes and public footfall in some areas, as this minimises disruption for everyone, particularly local residents and businesses.

They will be carrying out essential surface dressing across the county over the next few months. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation they won’t currently be posting letters to individual households. Signs will be put up well in advance to notify local residents of the need to move parked cars to allow the work to be done without any delays.  Roads often have to be closed to provide enough room for works to be carried out safely.

Verge management: this year, Cormac have reviewed their programmes and have significantly reduced the areas of rural verges cut. Like many councils across the country, they cut highway grass in rural areas for’safety reasons only’, to preserve visibility for road users and to provide a safe space for pedestrians. This allows Cormac to fulfil safety requirements while fully committing to protecting wildlife and the wider environment.

Keeping updated: the highways updates are posted on the Cormac website programming pages so that you can see what’s happening in your area and when.

Staying connected: Cormac wish to ensure that communication line are kept open so that problems can be reported and dealt with. To report a highway or footpath problem (including potholes) please contact the highway services and fault reporting . 

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