St Breward’s Historic Footpath Reopens!!

St Breward’s Historic Footpath ReopensOn Saturday morning 30th November 2019 some seventy people – and four dogs gathered at St Breward School to walk up the newly renovated Historic footpath to Churchtown where refreshments were served at The Old Inn.

This well loved path had started life as a lane that was used by carts and later on by cars until it was downgraded to a footpath in the late 1940’s.  The footpath which links two parts of the village from the School at the top of Row Hill to Churchtown has always been used by pedestrians as a better and safer way to walk between these parts of the village, especially as there is no pavement on the highway.

Autumn 2018

Routine maintenance over the years was not enough to keep the footpath in good repair and the Parish Council becoming concerned that the footpath would become unusable, undertook to investigate the ways and means to repair and improve the footpath in order to make it accessible for all and provide a safe way to walk between Row Hill and Churchtown.

Autumn 2019

The project to repair and where necessary replace some of the ancient hedges, install drainage, improve the surface, provide a stock proof gate at School end make a ramped gated access at Churchtown  was costed at £67800.






The Parish Council were grateful to be awarded a grant of £43,744 from the Rural Development Programme for England (LEADER Programme) toward the project costs. Other costs were met from the Parish Council and Cornwall Council

St Breward Parish Council is grateful the LEADER Programme, Main Contractor Mark Andrew and parishioners who helped with various aspects of the project.










November 2019

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