St Breward planning applications 17th and 21st August

Application PA20/06411
Proposal    Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order to fell a large Cypress
Lawson  to allow pine tree to breathe
Location     Darrynane House St Breward Bodmin  Cornwall
Applicant    Mrs Angela Clarke
Grid Ref     209299 / 76356

Application PA20/06483
Proposal    Construction of ensuite above car port and new lobby to form principle           entrance
Location     Eddystone Cottage Access To De Lank Quarry St Breward Bodmin
Applicant    Mrs Chapman
Grid Ref     209964 / 75236

Application PA20/06343
Proposal    Proposed conversion of barn to a dwelling with extension
Location     Keybridge Farm St Breward Bodmin Cornwall
Applicant    Mr A Masters
Grid Ref     208690 / 73895

Planning applications may be viewed on the Cornwall Council planning portal by clicking here and typing the appropriate reference number into the search bar.

Please submit any comments on the above applications by Monday 31st August at the latest to Anita Cornelius, Parish Clerk, at


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