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February 2024 – Newsletter

February’s Newsletter

Planning permission – progress! We have been granted planning permission for change of use of Business Unit 1, Chyryn Drive. Hooray! You can view our application and supporting documents on Cornwall Council’s online planning register, using reference PA23/08039: www.cornwall.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-applications/online-planning-register/

Premises – we’re pleased with progress so far. Photos above and below are from a site visit on 27 January, when some of the Management Committee members met with appointed surveyor, Stephen Knightly, to prepare working drawings to convert the Unit into a shop. There’s still quite a bit to do over the next few weeks in readiness to start adaptation work, so we’re now on a final push to:

  • Arrange further on-site visits to check handover condition and ensure Cornwall Council complete any remaining work.
  • Use these visits to also finalise what works and costs are needed to convert the Unit into a retail Shop (a schedule of works).
  • Undertake a building survey and prepare working drawings for Building Control approval.
  • Finalise the lease details and sign the lease with Cornwall Council.
  • Finalise and publish our Business Plan. Finalise and issue our Share Offer, to help raise final start-up funds.

Please note that the above aren’t in step-by-step order, as some of the items go hand-in-hand and need to be done together.

Myth Buster – We’ve become aware of a rumour that the Community Shop won’t be selling newspapers. The Management Committee knows that nearly half of the questionnaire respondents wanted newspapers (46%) and there have been no suggestions at Committee that we shouldn’t provide newspapers.

Debbie Honey, Publicity

January 2024 – Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us on the Management Committee!

Planning permission – you can view our application and supporting documents for change of use of Business Unit 1, Chyryn Drive, on Cornwall Council’s online planning register: PA23/08039 | Change of use from wine warehouse/industrial unit to a village shop. | 1 Chyryn Drive St Breward Bodmin Cornwall PL30 4LL
The 3-week neighbour consultation period will have closed by the time you’re reading this. However, at the time of writing there were 26 public comments on the website, and 100% are in favour. So, thank you, St Breward, for rallying and showing your support!
The Parish Council held a public meeting on 11 December to discuss our change of use planning permission application. Support was unanimous from those present, subject to this being ratified at the next formal Parish Council meeting, as it was not an official agenda item.

Finances – we have transferred money from our temporary Lloyds account to our new Co-operative bank account, which kindly allows free everyday banking for Community Benefit Societies; non-standard charges apply.
Please get in touch (details below) if you have not yet received a receipt for your loan or donation.
We estimate that we need to raise at least another £25,000 to get the shop up and running with essentials. We are hoping that we can raise some of this from grants, however, some grants will need the shop to be already up and running. So, it’s likely that the majority will need to come from the issuing of community shares. Therefore, we are currently getting ready to be able to issue our ‘share offer’ once planning permission is hopefully granted.
When the shop is open, we can then explore grants for further improvements and developments, for example a café space and solar panels (subject to planning permission etc).

Fundraising – we’re aware of an exciting fundraiser in development for next year. Please get in touch if you can help with a fundraising event – big or small, every little helps!

Debbie Honey, January 2024

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