Parish Council

St Breward Parish Council – Contact List                         

Denis Lusby (Chairman) Gwerthji Koth Row St  Breward PL30 4LN                             01208 850517   07484 831222        

Fiona Cambouropoulos  Tree Roots St Breward  PL30 4LZ                                             01208 851348   07964 282174 

David Cornelius Hantergantick Farm St Breward PL30 4NH                                           01208 850954   07979 915069                                                         

Joe Kay 12 Chyryn Drive St Breward   PL30 4LL                                                              01208 850030   07729 500952 No email available

Patrick Lucas 1 Victoria Terrace, Row, St Breward PL30 4NG                                     07484 173052                                                                                    

Stephen Nankivell  Treswallock Farm St Breward PL30 4PL                                     01208 850255   07718 742408                                                                                                                                                 

David Poxon  Newhaven Limehead St Breward PL30 4LU                                                  01208 850856  07860 866383                                                         

Veronica Stansfield  Ptarmigan Tregenna Road Blisland PL30 4JS                               01208 850727   07790 634429        

Paul Van Der Ben Estuary View Row St Breward PL30 4LW                                         01208 850177  07734 330168

Darren Wills  Stoneycroft Limehead St Breward PL30 4LU                                             01208 243342   07841 106427                                                       

Anita Cornelius  Clerk to the Parish Council                                                                Hantergantick Farm St Breward PL30 4NH  01208 850954    

Tim  Hutton Tree Warden  07974 633320

Dominic Fairman  Cornwall Councillor for the St Teath Ward (which includes St Breward)                                                                                                                             South Penquite Farm  Blisland PL30 4LH                                                                       07939 122303

Working for the Community  No community, here or overseas, wants to be faced with problems which lead to them becoming caught in a cycle of degradation and poverty, with a consequent lack of community pride in their area, poor environmental quality and health, high crime and unemployment levels, and multiple inequalities. Our aim is to create a sustainable community– a place where people want to live and work, now and in the future.

From global to local we must all aim to improve the lives of people in our community especially those who might be  socially excluded and who experience poor quality of life, including poor local environmental quality and poor access to services such as education, healthcare and transport.

Aims of St Breward Parish Council: To make our community active, inclusive and safe – fair, tolerant and cohesive with a strong local culture and other shared community activities. To be well run – with effective and inclusive participation, representation and leadership.  Environmentally sensitive – providing places for people to live that are considerate of the environment, well designed and built – featuring a quality built and natural environment.  Well connected – with good transport services and communication linking people to jobs, schools, health and other services. Thriving – with a flourishing and diverse local economy.  Well served – with public, private, community and voluntary services that are appropriate to people’s needs and accessible to all. Fair for everyone – including those in other communities, now and in the future.




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