November edition of the Community News

Copies of the latest edition of the Community News are still available. Apologies for the delayed post!

As usual, lots to read: events past and future in ‘Down your Way – St Breward’, and also ‘The Helland View’ and ‘Blisland & Temple News & Events’ so that you can keep up with what’s happening all around the area. There’s an item about the month of Remembrance with a reminder about what it is we’re remembering; the Church and the WI have their monthly reports as do our MP and Cornwall Councillor and there are other items as well. Look through the adverts for the tradesperson you need, then relax with ‘Coffee Break’

Copies are available at the Old Inn from 11am – 11pm and also at the Blisland Community Shop. All good value for just £2.

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