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First magazine cover 1st April 1980

The very first edition of the magazine was published on 1st April 1980. The editor was Ruth Lumley-Smith and the Vicar at the time was the Rev Sargisson. It was always a magazine for the whole parish, so as in all editions, it had a letter from the Vicar and dates of church services and also advertised and reported on village events. Interesting articles, especially about ‘times gone by’, were popular.  The early covers were reproductions of drawings sent in by readers. After the first free copy, the price was 10p. As shown in the photo, the magazine was for Blisland with Temple & St Breward: Helland was included later on.


Magazine cover October 1989

Stella Vause became editor in 1982, then Cathy McShee took over in October 1987 –  the magazine cost 15p at the time. Denis Lusby was then editor to 1997. It later became a committee run magazine with a larger content, more pages and colour was introduced, and in March 2022 – after a break due to Covid – it was published in A4 format, allowing space for even more items and with Julie Fairman as editor. However, it remains a village magazine and is now  the Community Magazine for the villages of Blisland with Temple, St Breward and Helland.


Many thanks to Cathy McShee for the information.

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