Coronavirus Newsletter No 42

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Cornwall Council Voluntary and Community Sector Covid 19 Update

Cornwall Council’s Policy and Intelligence Newsletter 16th February 2021

Cornwall Council Updates on Covid19

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)  Updates

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Kresen Kernow, the new Cornish Archive Centre is currently closed to comply with Governement Lockdown regulation.  Visit by following this link to access the Archive and see the Events currently available

Cornwall Council has asked Town and Parish Council’s to remind people to pick up their pets’ mess following an increase in reports of dog fouling during Lockdown.  Under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, it is an offence to allow a dog to foul in a public place and fail to remove the faeces.


Litter Bins in St Breward
All twelve bins (whether marked as Litter or Dog Waste Bins) are now multi disposal which means that can be used to deposit both dog waste and litter; they are emptied weekly by Cornwall Council.
Location of Bins
Churchtown, entrance to Church Lane
Rylands by Cuckoos Call
Rylands Bus Shelter
Row Hill, by the bench and Parish Council noticeboard
Row, Junction with road to Higher Penquite
Higher Penquite, Footpath to Tiger’s Platt
Penvorder Lane, Footpath from Tiger’s Platt
Higher Lank Bus Shelter
Limehead, opposite Memorial Hall
Limehead, opposite Treglennes
Camel Trail Car Park at Wenfordbridge
Camel Trail Car Park at Poley’s Bridge

If you think that there is information in this email that would be helpful to members of our community who do not have access to the Internet please email or telephone 01208 850727 and we will ensure that they receive a hard paper copy.

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