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Mid-July 2024 Newsletter

You can view a PDF of the newsletter and pictures here.

DRUM ROLL… We’re officially opening on 10th August!  (We will be open for reduced hours (mornings only) the week before, for team training and to test the systems)

Launch Day: Please come along on Saturday 10 August, 8.30am-5.30pm, to have a look and hopefully spend some money too – the success really is down to you now.  A special guest will be ‘cutting the ribbon’ for us, and hopefully St Breward Silver Band will be kindly entertaining everyone.  We’ll initially be open Monday to Saturday 8.30am-5.30pm, and 8.30am-12.30pm Sunday.  We’re aiming to operate these opening hours permanently, but we’re reliant on more volunteers to achieve this!

Share Offer & Finances: WE DID IT! The Share Offer closed after raising an incredible £29,305 (nearly reaching our max target of £30k!).  A massive thank you to all who contributed.  We are opening in a financially healthy position, thanks to the Share Offer, ongoing fundraising, donations, Grants from the Parish Council and the thriftiness of the premises team.

Volunteers: we held our drop-in day on Saturday 13th July and had a good turn out!  We met a lot of you who’d like to offer your time and skills, and it gave us the opportunity to hear your views and to listen to how you’d like the shop to be run.  We still need more volunteers… if you’d like to know more please email our secretary Dee at secretary.stbrewardshop@gmail.com – we need YOU!

Premises & thank you’s: Well done and thank you to Denton and the team, who’ve made great progress in the last 9 weeks.  To keep the costs down, we’ve very proud to have used a significant amount of recycled, upcycled and donated materials and items.  If it had a purpose, it was adapted and used.  Our biggest saving was from all our volunteer troopers, including Robin Fry & Phil Crichton (huge thanks to these two), Gerry Barrett, John Overton, Brian & Val Hill, David Brattle, Jane & John Stedman, and of course members of the Management Committee, especially Denton, Dee & Dawn who were the set-up team.  A massive thank you to Ian Coleman from Home Bargains who arranged the generous donation of our shop shelving and fittings, we could not have had a better start, and his ongoing advice and help has been invaluable.  And Andy Thatcher whose support has not waivered throughout – with a kick-start donation, and production and printing of too many items to even list.

Amongst our ‘trades team’ we give another huge thank you to both Wayne Davey and building team, and electrician Ed Dyer, for all your hard work ensuring we’re safe and secure!  Thank you again to Bob Pratt for plumbing, and Adam Honey for the donation of materials and labour for counter.

The biggest thanks has to go to all our founding members!  You’ve supported this venture by donating and buying shares and have made it all worthwhile.  In just 15 months, we’ve achieved what takes some communities years.  It’s felt a long journey with highs and lows along the way, but we’ve got there!  The rest is now down to you – support your new shop and it will succeed.

Community News magazine: Last but by no means least, thank you to the Community News team for allowing us to share our updates each month, showing you progress and what we’ve been doing.  We’re delighted to be able to offer the sale of the magazine, which will be returning to your new community shop very soon.

Shop Manager: As you’ll now be aware, we’re delighted that Emily King has accepted the role.  Emily lives in St Breward and has a wealth of relevant experience to bring to the role.  We hope you will show your support and help her to bed into the role.

Join the Management Committee: The Annual Members Meeting (AMM) will be held in September 2024 (date & time to be confirmed).  This is your chance as Members to stand for election and have your say in how the shop is run.  Watch this space for further details.

Debbie Honey (Publicity) and Dee Fry (Secretary), 15 July 2024

July 2024 Newsletter

Volunteer Drop-in Day Poster

Share Offer – WE ALL DID IT! The Share Offer closed after raising an incredible £29,305 (nearly reaching our max target!). Thank you to everyone who’s contributed!
But don’t worry if you missed it – once the shop is open, we will look at an open-ended share offer so that more people can become Members! Watch this space…

Volunteering Drop-in Day – Saturday 13th July
10am-1pm at the Memorial Hall
• It’s time… shop volunteers are needed NOW!
• Join the Management Committee for a cuppa and chat
• Find out more about volunteering in the shop…
• Sign-up for a shift
• Volunteers are just as important as fundraising – we need YOU!

Progress as at 1 July

Premises – well done and thank you to Denton and the team, who’ve made great progress in the last 6 weeks! They’ve used a significant amount of recycled, upcycled and donated materials and items to keep costs down. We’ve also benefited from massive cost savings from all our volunteer troopers, including (at time of writing) Robin Fry & Phil Crichton (huge thanks to these two!), Gerry Barrett, John Overton, Brian Hill, Val Hill, David Brattle, Adam Honey and of course members of the Management Committee, especially Denton, Dee & Dawn.

Progress as at 1 July

Many more of you have been ‘putting your hands up’, so thank you and we hope to also utilise and recognise your contributions soon.


Huge thanks to our volunteers

Thank you also to Bob Pratt for our plumbing works. And a huge thank you to Wayne Davey and team, and Ed Dyer for all your hard work, we couldn’t have done it without you! The ‘false shop front’ and windows and doors are now in, the flooring being laid right now (as I type!), followed by CCTV, and chillers and freezers etc! Then… stock and opening day! Keep an eye on our website, Facebook page, Community Emails and Noticeboards for info of our opening launch… how exciting!


Progress as at 7 July

Shop Manager – we’re delighted to confirm that Emily King has accepted the role. Emily lives in St Breward and has a wealth of relevant experience to bring to the role! You can meet Emily at the Drop-In session (see above). Please join us in wishing her the absolute best in the role.

Debbie Honey (Publicity) and Dee Fry (Secretary), 5 July 2024

June 2024 Newsletter 2

June Newsletter

Share Offerwe’re now at 75%, with just 2 weeks to go!  We’ve reached £20,000 in shares and have started work adapting the premises!  Just a final push now, to reach our target of £25,000…

The closing date for share applications is Wednesday 26 June 2024 (or earlier if we reach the maximum target of £30,000). You can view the full Share Offer details and apply for shares at stbreward.net/community-shop/buy-shares We’ve received some money without accompanying share application forms, so please do return your form/s to us c/o the Treasurer at treasurer.stbrewardshop@gmail.com, or Hill Meadow (next to the school), St Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LX.

Original staff loo & sink

Parish Council Grant – we’re extremely honoured that the Parish Council are granting us £6,500 to create the false shop front; paid in 2 instalments.  This is incredible support which will go a long way, and we are very grateful to St Breward’s Parish Councillors.

SEIS – you will be able to claim tax relief on your shares (currently 50%), as our Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) application for Advance Assurance was successful!  For example, an investment in shares of £500 will give tax relief of £250, so the net cost to the investor would be £250 after the tax has been reclaimed (this is provided that the rate of tax relief stays the same and the investor is a qualifying taxpayer).

Partition wall going in

SEIS is a government scheme to encourage people to invest in start-up businesses. Any taxpayer who buys shares will be able to claim tax relief (the current rate is 50%) regardless of the rate of income tax they pay. Once we have spent 70% of the money raised by this share offer (or have been trading for 4 months), we will be able to issue certificates to enable investors to claim tax relief through either their tax return or a change in their PAYE code. Tax relief can be spread across the current and previous year’s income tax bill, but the shares must be held for at least 3 years from date of purchase.  You can find out more at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/venture-capital-schemes-tax-relief-for-investors or from your tax adviser.

New staff lobby/coat area

Premises – We have made great progress in the last 2 weeks and huge thanks to Robin Fry & Phil Crichton for their efforts on doing some of the alterations, and using a significant amount of recycled items to keep costs down.  Both Wayne Davey and Ed Dyer have been on site putting in the foundations for the shop front and the wiring for the power sockets and lights.  Thanks also to Ed Dyer for lending us a scaffold tower for the high-up areas.  Brief summary of works done so far (as at 7th June):

  • Shop area – new shop framework ‘false front’ installed, first-fix electrics in place for additional lights, emergency lights and sockets. Under stairs area has been enclosed to form a small cupboard. Works in progress for the mezzanine.
  • Staff toilet area – moved the sink, partition wall and door (to meet EHO requirements), forming a new lobby to house staff coats – all painted. Done mainly using recycled items at minimum cost.
  • Kitchen area – ceiling painted. Kitchen worktop has been fixed and repaired.  Hot water system obtained.

Freshley painted

Shop Manager – we’re very excited to have made an offer of employment and hope to let you know more details very soon.

Debbie Honey (Publicity) and Dee Fry (Secretary) , 12 June 2024


June 2024 Newsletter

June’s Newsketter

Share Offer – your new Community Shop needs you! Every house in St Breward should have now received a Share Offer brochure through your letterbox. Please get in touch (details below) if you didn’t receive one. You can also view the Share Offer (inc. costs), full Business Plan and supporting documents, and apply for shares at stbreward.net/community-shop/buy-shares

Finances – we’ve worked out a careful budget. It will cost over £43,000 to adapt the premises and set-up the shop, and we are reliant on the Share Offer to raise vital remaining funds of £25,000. We’re encouraged that more and more of you are telling us how much you miss our shop!

Checking out the new premises

The closing date for share applications is Wednesday 26 June 2024, but the sooner we raise these funds, the sooner we can start works and open the shop. So don’t delay – buy your shares today! If you kindly gave a loan, then you will have also received a pack and form to convert this loan into shares. Again, please get in touch if you haven’t received this.

Thank you – a massive THANK YOU to Andy Thatcher at Monster Displays, Graphics & Signs for producing and printing the brochure and leaflets free of charge! And also THANK YOU to our small ‘army’ of nearly 20 residents who turned out in full force to deliver the Share Offer brochure to every house in St Breward.

A good turnout

Share Offer Launch Event – we were overwhelmed by your support on Saturday 25 May, where we welcomed you the Band Room to show you our vision for the Community Shop and receive your feedback. And we were delighted to receive so many new share applications.

Buying Shares

A gentle ask to those that indicated in the consultation questionnaire that you might be able to support your new shop with a financial contribution – now is the time, please.
Feedback is so important to us, as this is YOUR community shop. So do let us know how we can serve you best.

Premises & Alcohol Licence – the lease has been signed, sealed and delivered, and we have the keys so work has begun. We’re also delighted to have received no challenges for our alcohol licence, which is on its way!

Shop Manager – we’ve been advertising for this part time role and received a good response. We’re always looking for volunteers too, so if you have a few hours to spend each week to get involved, please get in touch!

Music in the Courtyard – raised a humungous £1,170. A big THANK YOU again to the organisers, hosts Alan and Jilly Tibbenham, Seriously AwEful Sinfonia and Stubby’s Jazz Band for their free entertainment, and to everyone who donated raffle prizes and/or made scones/splits etc. To keep prices as low as possible, we’re reliant on ongoing fundraising like this to support the shop. So do get in touch if you’re able to help!

Debbie Honey (Publicity) and Dee Fry (Secretary)

Media Release – 27 May 2024


A good turnout

St Breward Community Shop is steaming ahead with plans to open this Summer!

St Breward residents continue to unite to open a new community-owned shop. The proposed shop’s Management Committee were overwhelmed with support from residents attending a Share Offer Launch Event on Saturday 25 May afternoon. Residents were invited to have a cuppa, cake and chat, see the new premises and plans, and give feedback.

In just one year, the Management Committee has raised over £38,000 in donations, grants and fundraising, including a whopping £20,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund to cover the costs of employing a part time shop manager for 12 months. It will cost over £43,000 to convert the new premises and set-up a shop, so a further £25,000 target is hoped to be raised by the Share Offer to get the shop up and running.

Buying Shares

But St Breward continues to rally to the challenge, and support and financial contributions have been received from individuals, local groups and fundraisers held by the community. Fundraisers have included a Carnival Safari Supper (raising £1,256) a WI Tabletop Sale (raising £728) and a Music in the Courtyard event (raising £1,170).

Since its formation, St Breward Community Shop’s founding Management Committee have:
• Undertaken vital community consultation, finding 98% in favour of opening a new shop
• Gathered support and formed close links with the community, through early and ongoing communications
• Opened a bank account, identified costs and started fundraising
• Obtained membership of Plunkett Foundation, and registered as a Community Benefit Society
• Found suitable premises and agreed a lease with Cornwall Council for Business Unit 1, Chyryn Drive
• Obtained change of use planning permission, with 100% of comments in favour. Organised ongoing Building Control inspection and sign-off
• Developed a full Business Plan, including set-up costs and 5-year trading forecast
• Created and launched a formal Share Offer. The brochure was produced and printed for free by village resident and local business owner, Andy Thatcher, at Monster Displays, Graphics and Signs. And hand-delivered to every house in St Breward by a small army of nearly 20 residents, including 3 St Breward Guides!

Checking out the new premises

The Management Committee are asking the community for their help by:
• Buying shares
• Helping to adapt the premises
• Volunteering to work in the shop once open
• Offering other professional skills, e.g. bookkeeping and maintenance
• Ongoing fundraising

Want to help? View the Share Offer and supporting documents at stbreward.net/community-shop, follow us on Facebook @StBrewardCommunityShop, or get in touch with Steering Group Secretary, Dee Fry, secretary.stbrewardshop@gmail.com. Offers of support are also welcome from large businesses wanting to add social value.

St Breward Stores & Post Office unfortunately closed at the end of June 2023, due to the financial impact of running a local convenience shop whilst competing with supermarkets, online deliveries and increasing product and running costs. The Community initially came together at an extraordinary Parish Council meeting at the beginning of May 2023, resulting in the formation of an initial Steering Group – the members of which then became founding members of the first Management Committee. The Community Shop approach has already proven to work in neighbouring villages of Blisland, St Tudy and St Mabyn.

Community Shops are increasing in villages across the UK, replacing small privately owned shops which are struggling to compete against today’s ease of supermarket shopping and online deliveries. A Community Benefit Society is the most common legal structure of community shops, and exists to benefit the wider collective interests of a community; rather than that of its staff, committee members or investors. This structure also emphasises its members and member involvement, and can issue community shares. The Plunkett Foundation state a 92% long-term survival rate of Community Shops. [Reference] St Breward Community Shop has adopted the tagline ‘Owned and run by you, for you’ which perfectly sums up this new approach to delivering this essential community service.

[Pictured: Village resident Fiona buying shares with Management Committee Treasurer, Annie Crichton.

Pictured: Residents show their support with their feet, with a good turnout at the Share Offer Launch Event held in the Band Room next door to the new premises

Pictured: Future customers check out the new shop premises

Copyright: St Breward Community Shop Management Committee. Please contact publicity.stbcomm.shop@gmail.com to receive a high-definition copy]

Debbie Honey, Publicity, 27 May 2024

St Breward Community Shop Limited is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registration Number: 9113

Share Offer Launch Event

Share Offer Launch Event Poster

Job Advert – Part Time Shop Manager – NOW CLOSED

We are advertising a Part Time Shop Manager.  For more details and to apply, click here.

May 2024 – Newsletter

Community Shop May Newsletter

Premises – more great news! We have now agreed terms of the premises lease with Cornwall Council, HOORAY! As soon as we receive the hardcopy for signing, we have a plan that James Bond himself would be proud of. We’re ready to whisk it among our signatories, then transport it under protective cover to our lawyer for completion!

Share Offer brochure – we’re delighted that the finalised lease means the share offer is now also finalised, and a copy will be delivered to every house very soon! Please contact us (details below) if you don’t receive your copy.

Share Offer Launch Event – Sat 25 May 2024,
12pm-5pm – Band Hall, Chyryn Drive
Pop in and see the new premises, have a cuppa with the Management Committee, find out our plans – ask questions – give feedback, and hand-deliver your share application forms and payment. We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Feedback – as a community project, we want to hear your feedback and ideas! We want to hear what you’d like us to stock, what else you’d like to see in the shop (for example, a noticeboard). We’d also love to hear whether you’d have time to volunteer and if so how many hours, or if you have a skill that you’d like to share with us? We already have a comprehensive list of volunteers, but thought we’d refresh this and hopefully add more people to it. The success of this project is very reliant on your support, so please do get in touch (details below)

Shop Manager – we’ll be advertising this part-time role for applications very soon. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook page, Community Email and noticeboards (details below) for the advert.

‘Music in the Courtyard’ at De Lank on 18 May, is now fully booked! We’re very much looking forward to attending and hoping to share more news at this fantastic fundraiser. A huge thanks again to the organisers and volunteers for arranging it, let’s hope the weather is kind for us all!

Debbie Honey (Publicity) and Dee Fry (Secretary)

April 2024 – Newsletter

April’s Newsletter


Shop Manager – we’ll start with some amazing news!  We’ve been awarded a £20,000 grant from The National Lottery, to employ a part-time shop manager for up to 28 hours per week.  Heartfelt thanks to Veronica Stansfield who helped with the application which has brought such a great result.  We hope to advertise the role for applications very soon – please keep an eye on our website, Facebook page, Community Email and noticeboards (details below) for the advert.

Premises – we’re on our way!   We’re pleased that the negotiations with Cornwall Council have gone well, so we’ve handed the reigns over to our solicitor to finalise the lease.  With so many plans and ideas, we’re keen to get started and hope to be able to call on all our volunteers for various roles very soon.   There’s still quite a bit to do over the next few weeks in readiness to start work, but we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Share offer launch event – more exciting news is that the Share Offer is almost ready to go!  We’ll be holding a Share Offer launch event in the next 3-6 weeks, so you can meet the Management Committee, see our plans and ask questions.  Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook page, Community Email and noticeboards (details below) for more information.

Newsletters to your inbox – are you receiving our newsletters via Mailchimp email?  We had a few bounced emails, so please get in touch if you didn’t receive it.  You can sign-up to receive our newsletters directly to your inbox on our website (details below).

Date for your diary – Saturday 18th May 2024, fundraising event ‘Music in the Courtyard’ at De Lank!  4.30pm-7pm, £12.50pp inc. a cream tea.  Music from the ‘Seriously Aweful Sinfonia’ orchestra and ‘Stubby’s Jazz Band’.  Limited tickets available and are selling fast – book yours from Val Hill today!  Email brianvalerie@btinternet.com   Please support this fantastic event!  We can’t open and run the shop without ongoing community-led fundraising, so thank you to the organisers for arranging this.

Updated contact details – to make our web address and email addresses simpler, we’ve shortened our web address to stbreward.net/community-shop and main email addresses to: Secretary secretary.stbrewardshop@gmail.com and Treasurer Treasurer.stbrewardshop@gmail.com

Debbie Honey (Publicity) and Dee Fry (Secretary)

29 March 2024 – website update

Please note that our web address has been shortened to stbreward.net/community-shop/ so you’ll start seeing this on all of our publications.

March 2024 – Newsletter

March’s Newsletter


Comms help needed – we need a volunteer to help with our comms & marketing, for example monthly newsletters, website content & social media. Please get in touch (details below) or contact Debbie to discuss the role at publicity.stbcomm.shop@gmail.com

Share Offer – coming soon! Thank you to Andy Thatcher for all your wonderful help with production (and soon, printing)! Watch this space for further updates…

Premises – thank you to Rob & Wayne Davey (builders) and Ed Dyer (electrician) who are

View From Proposed Customer Entrance

kindly helping with the costings for adaptation of the premises. Once we’re ready to go and to help keep costs down, we’ll ask the community and other ‘tradies’ who can help and where, so fingers crossed!

This help with costs has confirmed that our initial hope to widen the existing pedestrian doorway is not cost-effective, as we would also need to add a ramp/slope outside and move the stairs inside to give more room. So, we now plan to include a doorway within the ‘false shop front’ (the green bit below) and the existing doorway will be the staff entrance.
So, here’s a sneak peak of the proposed shop layout. We’ve also included some pictures to help give you a feel of how the layout will work.

View From Proposed Staff Entrance

Debbie Honey, Publicity






Proposed Shop Layout

February 2024 – Newsletter

February’s Newsletter

Planning permission – progress! We have been granted planning permission for change of use of Business Unit 1, Chyryn Drive. Hooray! You can view our application and supporting documents on Cornwall Council’s online planning register, using reference PA23/08039: www.cornwall.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-applications/online-planning-register/

Premises – we’re pleased with progress so far. Photos above and below are from a site visit on 27 January, when some of the Management Committee members met with appointed surveyor, Stephen Knightly, to prepare working drawings to convert the Unit into a shop. There’s still quite a bit to do over the next few weeks in readiness to start adaptation work, so we’re now on a final push to:

  • Arrange further on-site visits to check handover condition and ensure Cornwall Council complete any remaining work.
  • Use these visits to also finalise what works and costs are needed to convert the Unit into a retail Shop (a schedule of works).
  • Undertake a building survey and prepare working drawings for Building Control approval.
  • Finalise the lease details and sign the lease with Cornwall Council.
  • Finalise and publish our Business Plan. Finalise and issue our Share Offer, to help raise final start-up funds.

Please note that the above aren’t in step-by-step order, as some of the items go hand-in-hand and need to be done together.

Myth Buster – We’ve become aware of a rumour that the Community Shop won’t be selling newspapers. The Management Committee knows that nearly half of the questionnaire respondents wanted newspapers (46%) and there have been no suggestions at Committee that we shouldn’t provide newspapers.

Debbie Honey, Publicity

January 2024 – Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us on the Management Committee!

Planning permission – you can view our application and supporting documents for change of use of Business Unit 1, Chyryn Drive, on Cornwall Council’s online planning register: PA23/08039 | Change of use from wine warehouse/industrial unit to a village shop. | 1 Chyryn Drive St Breward Bodmin Cornwall PL30 4LL
The 3-week neighbour consultation period will have closed by the time you’re reading this. However, at the time of writing there were 26 public comments on the website, and 100% are in favour. So, thank you, St Breward, for rallying and showing your support!
The Parish Council held a public meeting on 11 December to discuss our change of use planning permission application. Support was unanimous from those present, subject to this being ratified at the next formal Parish Council meeting, as it was not an official agenda item.

Finances – we have transferred money from our temporary Lloyds account to our new Co-operative bank account, which kindly allows free everyday banking for Community Benefit Societies; non-standard charges apply.
Please get in touch (details below) if you have not yet received a receipt for your loan or donation.
We estimate that we need to raise at least another £25,000 to get the shop up and running with essentials. We are hoping that we can raise some of this from grants, however, some grants will need the shop to be already up and running. So, it’s likely that the majority will need to come from the issuing of community shares. Therefore, we are currently getting ready to be able to issue our ‘share offer’ once planning permission is hopefully granted.
When the shop is open, we can then explore grants for further improvements and developments, for example a café space and solar panels (subject to planning permission etc).

Fundraising – we’re aware of an exciting fundraiser in development for next year. Please get in touch if you can help with a fundraising event – big or small, every little helps!

Debbie Honey, January 2024

St Breward Community Shop Limited. Registration Number: 9113.
Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

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