Community Newsletter Saturday 11th March 2023

St Breward Parish Council

Invitation to quote for repair and refurbishment of bus shelter at Rylands, St Breward PL30 4PP

  1. Strip away ivy from the building and dispose in a proper manner. Roots should be treated to ensure no regrowth.
  2. Rake out crack in the beam above entrance to inspect steel reinforcement. If reinforcement is in sound condition, then the beam is to be re-rendered. If the steel reinforcement is corroded, then beam needs to be replaced (Parish Council representative to inspect and agree course of action on this item) Please quote for both scenarios.
  3. Remove existing timber benches, dispose of them in a proper manner and replace with similar. (please give details of the replacement benches showing type, size and materials. PC will consider wood or plastic construction)
  4. Construct a solid path from road edge to shelter. Details of construction and finish to be included. Any excavated materials to be removed from site.
  5. Raiings in front of shelter to be cleaned, rust removed and painted with a suitable paint. (Paint to be specified)

Quotes to be submitted to:

Clerk, St Breward PC c/o Hantergantick Farm, St Breward.Bodmin.PL30 4NH or    by 2nd April 2023  for consideration at next Parish Council meeting on 3rd April 202


Community Bus Association

A message from the Bus Committee

‘As our regular patrons know is now up and running again and looking forward to a successful future and aim to increase the service to St.Breward, St.Tudy, St.Mabyn and Blisland.

To maintain the current service and hopefully grow, the Association needs volunteers with a variety of skills which obviously includes Drivers with a D1 class license, but also Volunteers to handle Bookings, Maintenance and Care of the Bus

If you have a little free time  (currently no more than an hour or two a week or half a day a month) which you think you would like to commit to being an active member of the Bus Association to give something back to your community

Please let us know by emailing your contact details to  and we’ll be in touch to have a chat

Revised Bus Timetable March and April 2023


Carnival Coffee, Cake and Craft Saturday Afternoon 18th March 

Support your local Carnival’


  St Austell Amateur Operatic Society Presents Young Frankenstein

This Spring St Austell Amateur Operatic Society will be putting on Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein at the Kay Theatre St Austell.
Bonny Bryan has booked 16 seats for the matinee performance on Saturday 8th April, show starts at 2.30pm, the tickets cost £18.  If there is enough interest the Community Bus will be booked for the trip

Following the performance Trevor and Pam Ternough have kindly invited the party to afternoon tea at their home near the Theatre

For more information contact Bonny Bryan 01208 851661 07494 675850 or

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