Community Coronavirus Newsletter No.6

Volunteer Guidance for Delivery of Pharmacy Products (Prescriptions)
A patient (or their representative) may make contact with you to ask for their medication to be delivered
·     Confirm which Pharmacy they need you to collect from
·     Ask them to provide their name, address, post code and date of birth (now relaxed) so that you can ensure you are collecting for the correct patient.
·    Ask them to let their pharmacy know you will be collecting on their behalf
·    Confirm a time when you will deliver and explain to them the delivery process (out-lined below)
Remember to take proof of your identify with you
When you arrive at the delivery destination:
·    Telephone the patient to let them know you are there and keep the line open for the duration of the delivery
·    Ask the patient to confirm their name and address – if unsure you could use features of the property to confirm you are in the right place (door colour etc)
·   Place the package on the doorstep or desired location and retreat to a safe distance (2 metres)
·    Let the patient know they can now open their door and retrieve the package
·   Explain if they need any advice on their medication they should contact the pharmacy
Reminder it is advisable to use hand gel before and after making a delivery.
Should you wish to deliver prescriptions, please sign the PRESCRIPTION LIST which will be in the shop from Wednesday morning 01 April

Bottled Gas supplies
Moorgoods Penvorder Lane  01208 850543 is open for Bottled Gas and other emergencies 09.00-17.00 Mon-Fri  & Sat 09.00-12.00noon.

Books, Jigsaws and Toys from the Village Hall
The Village Hall has a large selection of books, mainly romantic and thriller paper backs, and some jigsaws.
If anyone would like books and/or jigsaws during this Corvid-19 period then we are happy to deliver to your door. All books and jigsaws are free.   The books will be handed out in pre-determined mixed bags of about 15 books; jigsaws in pairs of two. Clearly it is not possible to operate a ‘pick and choose’ library service with books at this time so hopefully by handing out mixed bags of books there will be something in there for everyone.  Most of the jigsaws are 1000 piece boxes.
To request books/jigsaws contact Ted or Val  Raynham via email or ring 01208 851396.  If you know of anyone who doesn’t receive community emails please pass the details on.
The books and jigsaws can be returned by placing on your doorstep and contacting the Email or telephone number above for collection. If you want another delivery then just let us know.
As far as toys are concerned we have a few new gifts left over from Breakfast with Santa. These are small gifts suitable for 2 to about 8 year olds. Contact Ted and Val if you are interested
All items have not been touched during this Corvid-19 period but books will have covers wiped and jigsaw boxes wiped before delivery.  They will then be placed into bags for delivery by washed hands covered in disposable gloves.  Items returned after use will be ’quarantined’ for 5 days (the virus can live on cardboard/paper for up to 2 days) before being used again.

Fish Deliveries  Sadly the Fishmonger in Port Isaac has now closed.

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‘ St Breward is a strong community.  We need to support each other and all local businesses.  Let’s get through this period together and support each other through this challenging time’.
Denis & Christine Lusby, Darren Wills & Dale Stanley, Veronica Stansfield, Nigel Mitchell, Ted Raynham, Phil Nance, David Brattle