Community Coronavirus Newsletter No 5

St Breward Stores & Post Office

Remember: tonight, 28th March, the clocks go       FORWARD one hour!


Sam & Ben Weston in Granite Rise have created a minecraft server which people in the village might enjoy: it is found at

Ben can provide remote technical asistance for those experiencing problems with mobile phones and computers. He can also provide remote assistance for students studying Maths GCSE and A level, and Physics GCSE and A level : 07366 241821.

Sam can provide remote assistance for students studying History GCSE and Geography GCSE: 07565 762969

For updates, please check the following:

  • Facebook –  @stbrewardcommunity;
  • Website – www.
  • Community emails –

St Breward is a strong community. We need to support each other and all local businesses. Lets get through this period together and support each other through this challenging time.

Denis & Christine Lusby, Darren Wills & Dale Stanley, Veronica Stansfield, Nigel Mitchell, Ted Raynham, Phil Nance, David Brattle