Parish Council meeting on MONDAY 4th March

The next meeting of St Breward Parish Council will be on Monday 4th March – not on the usual day of Tuesday – and will be held at the Memorial Hall, beginning at 7pm as usual. Members of the public may speak to the meeting just prior to the start on items on the Agenda; any other matters will be carried forward to the April meeting.

To view the Agenda, please click here.

Cornwall Council mends potholes?

It’s true – but only if people tell the Council where the potholes are!

Cornwall Council is responsible for over 7274km (4545 miles) of roads, from major to minor, and this includes repairing potholes. Cornwall Council relies on the public reporting them: you can do this online by clicking here and then clicking on ‘report a pothole  online’, or by phoning 0300 1234 222 and following the guidance. Remember to note the reference number as you may want to call back to check on progress.

So, if there is a pothole outside your property, where you work, shop, visit the Doctors, Dentists,  Hairdressers, Vets, Church, Chapel, Pub, Restaurant, Fish & Chip Shop, let Cornwall Council know about it and they can put it on the list for repair.

You may be asked to give an estimate of the surface area of the pothole and its depth – the need to report a pothole is more important than putting yourself in danger checking these details so please be careful!

So let’s make 2019 the year we take charge of our potholes!!



February edition of the PARISH MAGAZINE now available

Copies of the February edition of the community magazine for St Breward, Helland, and Blisland with Temple are currently available from St Breward Stores. Don’t miss your opportunity of finding out what’s been happening in your village and what events are planned for the future, as well as reading reports from our primary schools and our County Councillors. There are items on wildlife, history, superstitions and much else too, including the adverts.

This month’s edition also includes a double page spread on Safety in the Home from St Breward & Blisland Parish councils.

Fantastic value at just £1!


Parish Council approved Minutes for January 2019

The approved minutes for the Parish Council meeting of January 2019 can be viewed by clicking here. There are links from this Minutes page to the Local Government Boundary Commission where you can see the full report of the new local government boundaries and also an interactive map on which you can search for your area(s) of interest. St Breward is included in the St Teath & Tintagel division.

Talking about Dog Poo – again!

Sadly, this topic has to be raised again as a few irresponsible dog owners or walkers are not picking-up after their pets. Not only is it an unpleasant sight to see (and smell), it is disgusting to step into or get onto the wheels of a buggy, bicycle etc. Wrapping dog poo in plastic and decorating bushes and trees with it, as appears along the Camel Trail, is  just as revolting with the added problem of it taking longer to degrade. Dog poo can carry the eggs of Toxocara which, if inadvertently swallowed by humans, can lead to serious illness including blindness.

It is just as important to clear up after your dog when on Bodmin Moor as dog poo can also carry the eggs of both Neospora, which can cause the abortion of calves in cattle, and also Sarcocystis, which can cause limb weakness or paralysis in sheep.

There are quite a few litter/dog bins around St Breward – to see the list of where they can be found, please click here – and all the bins are multi-use.

There is now an on-line form whereby a member of the public – not only a specified person such as a dog warden – can report a dog fouling incident. To access this form, please click here.  Failure to clean up after your dog has fouled will result in a fixed penalty of £100 being issued. If you are prosecuted and found guilty, you would face a maximum fine of £1000.

Remember, there is no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy! Please keep St Breward as the lovely place it should be.

January Parish Magazine now available

Copies of the January Parish Magazine for St Breward, Helland and Blisland with Temple are now available at St Breward Stores. Buy your copy now to read the ‘Christmas Fun Round-up’ and to see what events are forthcoming; read the Nature Report; learn about some of our local history; find out what our Cornwall Councillors have to say and find your local tradespeople in the adverts.

Enjoy the jokes!

Parish Council meeting 8th January

The next monthly meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 8th January at the Memorial Hall. The meeting begins at 7pm and members of the public may speak to the meeting just prior to the start.

To view the Agenda, please click here.Further details on Item 10, ‘Safety in the Home’ can be seen by clicking here.