November edition of The Parish Magazine now available

Copies of the November edition of The Parish Magazine of Blisland with Temple, St Breward and Helland are now available from St Breward Stores. Get your copy to discover what’s been happening in your village and find out what events are planned for November; read the reports from the WI, the Church & the Chapel; enjoy the nature items and learn about superstitions. Adverts, a recipe, a quiz and much more..

A subscription form to ensure your monthly copy in 2020 is included with this month’s magazine.

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Remembrance Services in St Breward 2019

On Sunday 10th November there will be the Annual Remembrance Service in the Parish Church commencing at 10.45

On Monday 11th November there will be a short commemoration at the War Memorial on Mine Hill commencing at 10.50am, followed by refreshments in the Parish Church

British Legion Poppy Appeal

Poppies, small crosses, bracelets, wrist bands, and enamel pins are available in;              St Breward Stores & Post Office, Football Club and The Old Inn

Copies of the October edition of The Parish Magazine still available

Copies of the October edition of the Blisland with Temple, St Breward and Helland magazine are still available from the village shop. Find out the results of the first Sunflower Competition held in St Breward; learn about past events, both recent and historical, and read about forthcoming events in your village and surrounding area. Cornwall Councillor reports, adverts, a recipe and much more…

All for only £1!

Parish Council meeting Tuesday 1st October

The next monthly meeting of St Breward Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 1st October at the Memorial Hall. The meeting begins at 7pm and members of the public may speak to the meeting on topics on the Agenda just prior to the start. Topics raised by the public but not on the Agenda will be carried forward to the next meeting.

To view the Agenda, please click here.

Threat to honeybees – and other insects – from Asian Hornets

The Asian hornet, or ‘yellow-legged hornet’, is an ‘alien invader’ and a serious threat to our honeybees and other pollinating insects. They hover (hawk) in front of beehives, catching the bees for food or causing the bees to remain in the hive, unable to forage for pollen and nectar: either way, the hive can die out. They also eat many of our other pollinating insects. The upper photo is of an Asian hornet (courtesy of BBKA), the lower one, a European (native) hornet (AHAT).

The main differences between the two species can be seen in a diagram by clicking here.

The UK is working hard to prevent the Asian hornet from invading us. Please use the Asian Hornet Watch app on your phone to send a picture and a location via GPS in the app straight to the non-native species secretariat and National Bee Unit. Alternatively, please take a photo and email it with your contact details and where it was seen to

Your vigilance is very important!


Copies of the September edition of ‘The Parish Magazine’ still available

Copies of the September Parish magazine for St Breward, Helland, and Blisland with Temple are still available at St Breward Stores. Buy your copy to find out what events are forthcoming, including St Breward Church’s Flower Festival and the Carnival’s Safari Supper; read about past events, both recent and historic; learn about superstitions and enjoy the Nature Reports. There are also the reports from your County Councillor(s) and MP to read and digest – and much more!

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