May edition of the Parish Magazine now available

Copies of the magazine for St Breward, Helland and Blisland with Temple are now available from St Breward Stores. Get your copy now for all the news in your village. Read reports from the Primary Schools, your Cornwall Councillors and your MP; find out what’s been happening in the area and what events are coming your way; enjoy the history and wildlife articles  and much else as well. Don’t forget to read the adverts too – you never know what you might find useful!

Fantastic value – 50 pages this month and all for just £1!

Advance Notice: Annual Parish Meeting 2pm 16th May at St Breward Primary School

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held this year at St Breward Community Primary School on 16th May, by  kind permission of the Headteacher, Helen Ward. Instead of the traditional evening meeting, it will be held in the afternoon, starting at 2pm, as the Parish Council is keen to involve the pupils in the life and future of their village.

The Agenda has yet to be finalised but will include a presentation on the work to improve the Historic Footpath from School to Churchtown, due to start in June this year.

Anita J Cornelius, Clerk to St Breward Parish Council

Denis Lusby, Chairman St Breward Parish Council 01208 851294

Parish Council Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, 7th May

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council  – at which the Councillors agree to their various responsibilities – will take place at 7pm at the Memorial Hall.

This will be followed  immediately by the monthly meeting of the Parish Council and members of the public are allowed to speak on Agenda topics just prior to its start.

To view the Agendas for both meetings, please click here.


Parish Council Meeting Tues 2nd April

The next monthly meeting of St Breward Parish Council will be on Tuesday 2nd April at the Memorial Hall. The meeting will begin at 7pm and the public may speak to the meeting on topics included in the Agenda just prior to the start. Subjects not on the Agenda may be taken forward to the monthly meeting in May.

To view the Agenda, please click here. To view the Minutes for 05 02 2019, please click here.

St Breward Footpaths Paring and Associated Works Tender 2019

Tenders are invited for the Footpath Paring Schedule for 2019/2020  and also the  Grasskeeping & Urban Footpath Maintenance Contract 2019/2020.

To view the Footpath Paring schedule in detail, please click here.

To view the Grasskeeping and Urban Footpath Maintenance Contract in detail, please click here.

In both cases, tenders are to be submitted by Monday 6th May 2020 to:

Anita Cornelius,  Clerk to St Breward Parish Council, Hantergantick Farm,  St Breward,  Bodmin PL30 4NH

March edition of the Parish Magazine now available

Copies of the March Parish Magazine for St Breward, Helland and Blisland with Temple are now available at St Breward Stores. Buy your copy now to find out about events forthcoming and just past, read what’s happening at your Church or your Chapel, view reports from your Cornwall Councillors and enjoy the interesting items on topics ranging from superstitions to history.

All amazing value for just £1!


Parish Council meeting on MONDAY 4th March

The next meeting of St Breward Parish Council will be on Monday 4th March – not on the usual day of Tuesday – and will be held at the Memorial Hall, beginning at 7pm as usual. Members of the public may speak to the meeting just prior to the start on items on the Agenda; any other matters will be carried forward to the April meeting.

To view the Agenda, please click here.

Cornwall Council mends potholes?

It’s true – but only if people tell the Council where the potholes are!

Cornwall Council is responsible for over 7274km (4545 miles) of roads, from major to minor, and this includes repairing potholes. Cornwall Council relies on the public reporting them: you can do this online by clicking here and then clicking on ‘report a pothole  online’, or by phoning 0300 1234 222 and following the guidance. Remember to note the reference number as you may want to call back to check on progress.

So, if there is a pothole outside your property, where you work, shop, visit the Doctors, Dentists,  Hairdressers, Vets, Church, Chapel, Pub, Restaurant, Fish & Chip Shop, let Cornwall Council know about it and they can put it on the list for repair.

You may be asked to give an estimate of the surface area of the pothole and its depth – the need to report a pothole is more important than putting yourself in danger checking these details so please be careful!

So let’s make 2019 the year we take charge of our potholes!!