Baby & Toddler Group

With regret I’m deeply saddened to inform you that Caroline and Myself have decided to close the doors of St Breward Baby and Toddler Group.

Unfortunately since September our numbers have dwindled and we don’t have many younger members on the books to keep us running. Unfortunately financially we can not keep running on such low numbers. I have been a member for 51/2 years and my youngest is about to start preschool so it a natural end for me to finish my post as secretary.

Caroline cannot continue to run the Playgroup without support or with such low numbers so has decided it’s the right time to retire from the Playgroup after 25 years. She plans to continue helping and being involved with Messy Church.  Caroline and myself have other commitments over the summer so have decided the final session will be the 11th June.

However if anyone maybe willing to-continue running the Playgroup or has any other thoughts or ideas, the insurance is valid until March 2019 and Caroline would offer any support needed after the summer.

Some of the toys will remain at the Village Hall to be used for messy church or if anyone wants to use them for a party’s or events at the Hall. Anything else will be donated or sold.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything please feel free to call myself or Caroline.

On the 11th June, I am organising a Morning tea and play to help Celebrate Caroline’s achievement and commitment to the group over the 25 years. It would be lovely to see any members past or present or anyone who would like to join us to celebrate her retirement please let me know if you plan to attend so I can organise the Catering. Call, text or email me on 07800 549254

Jess Evison St Breward Baby and Toddler Group Secretary