Keeping up to date with events and activities in St Breward


Community Emails  These are sponsored by the Parish Council, and are sent out using a professional email programme that is fully GDPR compliant,  click here to sign up for these emails You can view the previous emails by following this link                       If you think that there is information in these email that would be helpful to members of our community who do not have access to the Internet please email or telephone 01208 850727 and we will ensure that they receive a hard paper copy.                                  Hard copies are also available to view on the Parish Council noticeboard at the top of Row Hill

Parish Magazine   Available from St Breward Store at the beginning of each month, £1.50

Village Groups Contact List   A comprehensive list of all the Local Organisations in St Breward, is available Here  A paper copy of this list can be made available to those without email access or  tel 01208 850727