Cornwall Council, April 2020 Newsletter Issue 2

The theme of this month’s Council newsletter is ‘Keeping in Touch’  and contains links to various organisations offering help to people and also various tips and advice.

Cornwall Council hopes you are all keeping safe and well in  these unprecedented times. Please keep in touch and let them know if there’s anything they can help with. To view the newsletter, please click here.

Information from Inclusion Cornwall

COUNTYWIDE –  Social Inclusion Fund: do you have an idea how to help people during the coronavirus epidemic to feel connected to their local communities and would like to make it happen? Apply for up to £5000

NATIONALBusiness Interruption Loan Scheme:

COUNTYWIDE – Help to adapt your business during Covid:

COUNTYMake it Better CIC have opened their website so that you can download activities for free, sign up as an emerald member at to browse the library of activity sheets or download a new activity every Friday. To celebrate Easter they’re running a sock bunny challenge: click here for instructions. Deadline for entry is Saturday 11th April so not much time!

ST AUSTELL COLLEGE – Martine Rees and her  team are still offering careers advice sessions by phone. To refer someone email


Coronavirus Community Newsletter No 7

St Breward Surgeries’ opening times, week commencing Monday 6th April 2020
Brookside Surgery: Monday 2-3pm, Thursday 4-5.30pm
Row Surgery: Monday 3.30-5pm, Wednesday 11-12noon
Neither Surgery will be open Good Friday 10th April

St Breward Surgeries’ opening times, week commencing Monday 13th April           Brookside Surgery: Thursday 4-5.30pm, Friday 12noon – 1pm
Row Surgery: Wednesday 11-12noon, Friday 8.30 – 9.30am                                               Neither Surgery will be open Easter Monday 13th April

The Old Inn is now doing Take Aways:

Wednesdays: Lunchtime for Mid Week Roast, Bar Meals & Special 12noon – 2pm. Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings:  5-7pm, Bar Meals & Specials
Sunday Roast: 12noon – 4pm. Orders by 7pm Saturday please. Telephone 01208 850711 to order & pay by card (cash will only be taken if no card available).  To comply with current regulations all orders will be given a time slot for collection and brought out to the Big Deckchair.  No-one can enter the Pub.
Please order as early in the day as possible, staff will be available to take orders from 10am.  Deliveries only to those self isolating who have no one else to collect for them.  Check the website for Bar Meals & Specials

Dog Walking, Horse Care and so on contact Community Volunteer Poppy King who lives at Higher Penquite tel: 07780 010456


Dog Mess.  In these difficult times it is even more important to clean up after your dog.  The increase in dog mess round the Village has become a concern.  There are approximately 14 litter/dog waste bins in the Village – all these bins are now multi-disposal and Cornwall Council has replaced the litter bin at Row Hill.


COVID-19 Cornwall Council update No. 2

Holiday accommodation during Easter

Cornwall Council’s Enforcement team has been calling on holiday accommodation providers, including letting agents and online booking platforms, to support the COVID-19 response by following the Government’s closure orders.

Many caravan parks, hotels, campsites and holiday homes have shut their doors as a result of the Government ordering all non-essential businesses to stop operating and for everyone to stay at home and avoid unessential travel.There are a number of exemptions which allow some holiday accommodation businesses to remain open. For example, Carnmarth Hotel in Newquay has been providing a place to stay for people who have been in hospital, are able to be discharged, but are not ready to go home.

However, the Council has received complaints alleging that some holiday accommodation providers are still trading as normal and operating illegally. The Council is now writing to all holiday accommodation owners, letting agents and online booking platforms in Cornwall, who are not exempt to the COVID-19 orders, to ask for their co-operation in complying with the orders and help protect the health of our population, NHS and other critical services at this time.

If you believe that holiday accommodation in your area might not be complying with the new regulations, please contact

Holiday businesses that need advice or information about COVID-19 cancellations and obligations can contact the Cornwall Council Business Advice Hub at

Temporary change to publicity on planning applications during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cornwall Council will continue to send Neighbour Notifications for planning applications, but will not be displaying a Site Notice except for the following: applications for development affecting a Public Right of Way; development representing a departure from the Development Plan or applications for EIA development accompanied by an Environmental Statement.

Temporary changes in planning enforcement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council will not be fully investigating:

  • Breaches of planning conditions relating to delivery times to essential businesses
  • Changes of use of cafes and restaurants to takeaways
  • Householder development (unless the person reporting demonstrates significant harm)
  • Breaches of construction traffic management plans (unless the person reporting demonstrates significant harm)
  • Adverts

There will also be ongoing enforcement matters that may have to be tolerated for temporary period during the lockdown while employees are unable to travel.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and sexual violence doesn’t stop during lockdown. Please watch and share this video from Safer Cornwall. Five minutes of your time could help someone experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence to access the safety and support they desperately need. There’s more support for those living with domestic abuse during the COVID-19 outbreak on the Safer Cornwall website and the Safer Futures website. You can also ring Safer Futures on 0300 777 4777 or Cornwall Refuge Trust’s 24Hr Helpline on 01872 225629.

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, please call the police now on 999.

Retired or former social workers needed to support Cornwall’s most vulnerable people

The Council is asking for anyone living in Cornwall who has experience of working in social services – including retired social workers or those who have recently left the profession – to help maintain the support provided to vulnerable families, children and adults through the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you know a former or retired social worker who might be interested, they can register their interest via email at Cornwall Council will then contact them to gain further details of their qualifications and skill set.


Over 200 people have already applied to help support vulnerable people during the COVID-19 crisis with basic training already given to 35 volunteers. If you know anyone who would be interested, they should visit the Proud to Care Cornwall website and apply as soon as possible. Anyone wanting to help only in a volunteer capacity should visit the Volunteer Cornwall website.


All of Cornwall’s libraries are now closed and mobile libraries are off the road. But there is still a wealth of good reading available online, and residents of Cornwall can become a member and start borrowing electronically online.
Cornwall Library Members can access eBooks, Audiobooks, newspapers and magazines, comics and eGraphic novels. Please share details of the online library offer with people in your area.

Business grant support

Cornwall Council has sent letters about business grant support to businesses. Business owners need to complete a simple online form for the Council to be able to pay the grant. The quicker they provide this information, the sooner the Council can pay the grant.
If an owner can’t access their business premises or hadn’t received a letter by Friday 3 April, then they should contact the Council on 0300 1234 171.

Business rates support

There are two types of reliefs available to businesses.
The first is the extension of the Expanded Retail Discount Relief, which means that those businesses categorised as retail, leisure or hospitality will have their zero rate relief extended to cover 2020/21. This will happen automatically and rate payers will be re-billed.

The second set of reliefs is through the Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund. Those in receipt of Small Business Rates Relief will receive a grant of £10,000. Those in receipt of Retail Hospitality and Leisure Relief will receive a grant of £10,000 (for those with Rateable Value up to £15,000) or £25,000 (for those with a Rateable Value of between £15,000 and £51,000).

Cornwall Council has written to all businesses that, according to its records, might qualify for a grant fund payment. Business owners who have not received a letter by 6 April and think they should qualify should contact the Council on 0300 1234 171.

There’s more information about business rates support on the Support for business page on Cornwall Council’s website.




Community Coronavirus Newsletter No.6

Volunteer Guidance for Delivery of Pharmacy Products (Prescriptions)
A patient (or their representative) may make contact with you to ask for their medication to be delivered
·     Confirm which Pharmacy they need you to collect from
·     Ask them to provide their name, address, post code and date of birth (now relaxed) so that you can ensure you are collecting for the correct patient.
·    Ask them to let their pharmacy know you will be collecting on their behalf
·    Confirm a time when you will deliver and explain to them the delivery process (out-lined below)
Remember to take proof of your identify with you
When you arrive at the delivery destination:
·    Telephone the patient to let them know you are there and keep the line open for the duration of the delivery
·    Ask the patient to confirm their name and address – if unsure you could use features of the property to confirm you are in the right place (door colour etc)
·   Place the package on the doorstep or desired location and retreat to a safe distance (2 metres)
·    Let the patient know they can now open their door and retrieve the package
·   Explain if they need any advice on their medication they should contact the pharmacy
Reminder it is advisable to use hand gel before and after making a delivery.
Should you wish to deliver prescriptions, please sign the PRESCRIPTION LIST which will be in the shop from Wednesday morning 01 April

Bottled Gas supplies
Moorgoods Penvorder Lane  01208 850543 is open for Bottled Gas and other emergencies 09.00-17.00 Mon-Fri  & Sat 09.00-12.00noon.

Books, Jigsaws and Toys from the Village Hall
The Village Hall has a large selection of books, mainly romantic and thriller paper backs, and some jigsaws.
If anyone would like books and/or jigsaws during this Corvid-19 period then we are happy to deliver to your door. All books and jigsaws are free.   The books will be handed out in pre-determined mixed bags of about 15 books; jigsaws in pairs of two. Clearly it is not possible to operate a ‘pick and choose’ library service with books at this time so hopefully by handing out mixed bags of books there will be something in there for everyone.  Most of the jigsaws are 1000 piece boxes.
To request books/jigsaws contact Ted or Val  Raynham via email or ring 01208 851396.  If you know of anyone who doesn’t receive community emails please pass the details on.
The books and jigsaws can be returned by placing on your doorstep and contacting the Email or telephone number above for collection. If you want another delivery then just let us know.
As far as toys are concerned we have a few new gifts left over from Breakfast with Santa. These are small gifts suitable for 2 to about 8 year olds. Contact Ted and Val if you are interested
All items have not been touched during this Corvid-19 period but books will have covers wiped and jigsaw boxes wiped before delivery.  They will then be placed into bags for delivery by washed hands covered in disposable gloves.  Items returned after use will be ’quarantined’ for 5 days (the virus can live on cardboard/paper for up to 2 days) before being used again.

Fish Deliveries  Sadly the Fishmonger in Port Isaac has now closed.

Updates: Facebook – @stbrewardcommunity   website –   community emails –

‘ St Breward is a strong community.  We need to support each other and all local businesses.  Let’s get through this period together and support each other through this challenging time’.
Denis & Christine Lusby, Darren Wills & Dale Stanley, Veronica Stansfield, Nigel Mitchell, Ted Raynham, Phil Nance, David Brattle

COVID-19 update from Cornwall Council

Carers needed

People who need care and support in Cornwall are calling on everyone who can, to urgently step up and apply for a role in Cornwall’s care sector as Cornwall faces an unprecedented demand for care and support during the coronavirus emergency.

Cornwall Adult Health & Social Care, with providers, has developed a comprehensive induction programme to ensure that all those who are recruited have the essential skills and knowledge required for the role and there are plenty of opportunities for this to become a permanent role in the future.

Anyone who wants to help should visit the Proud to Care Cornwall website and apply as soon as possible. Anyone wanting to help only in a volunteer capacity should visit the Volunteer Cornwall website.

Car parks

Currently Cornwall Council is removing all charges at Council car parks until the end of April to ensure essential workers are able to travel as required. This will then be reviewed monthly.

Registration of births, deaths and marriages

From Monday 30 March deaths must be registered by phone: none of Cornwall’s Register Offices will be open except for pre-booked appointments to register a death. People will be able to make a request to register a death through an on-line form on the Cornwall Council website or by phoning 0300 1234 181, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm. The Council will contact the customer only when all necessary paperwork has been received – there may be some understandable delays with the medical profession.

All other Register Office services are suspended until further notice.
The Council is contacting marriage/civil partnership couples who have booked with it to discuss their options, but with over 3,000 bookings there is a backlog. The Council is not taking any new bookings for marriages or C
ivil Partnerships until it has re-scheduled the displaced bookings. Please email Cornwall Council on but there is likely to be a delay in the response.

Birth registrations are suspended for the time being. People who are not able to register the birth of their child because of coronavirus (COVID-19) can still make a claim to receive child benefit.

Council tax support

Due to additional Government funding, an extra £150 will be received by those of working age already receiving Council Tax Support: this will be automatic and reduced Council tax bills will soon arrive. This will take a little time to sort out so anyone in difficulties in the mean time should contact Cornwall Council to discuss their circumstances.

Exercise advice

The latest Government advice on travelling to exercise is:

  • Stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not drive unnecessarily.
  • You should go outside either alone or with members of your own household.
  • Keep at least two metres apart from anyone outside your household at all times.
  • Gatherings of more than two in public spaces have been banned and the police will enforce this.
  • If you have a garden, make use of the space for exercise and fresh air.
  • Take hygiene precautions when you are outside, and wash your hands as soon as you are back indoors.

Footpaths, bridleways and byways remain open for the public to use to get to work, medical appointments or as part of their daily exercise routine. Cornwall Council has had a small number of requests to close public rights of way which are located near to people who are self-isolating. The Council has no legal powers to do this, and there are no plans to do so.

New COVID-19 WhatsApp information service

The Government has launched a Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp. The free service is an automated ‘chatbot’ that will allow people to get answers to the most common questions about COVID-19 directly from Government. It aims to further reduce the burden on NHS services, including 111, combat the spread of the virus and ensure people stay at home and save lives. It’s as easy as sending a message ‘hi’ to the dedicated number on WhatsApp. More information can be found on the Government website.

Community Coronavirus Newsletter No 5

St Breward Stores & Post Office

Remember: tonight, 28th March, the clocks go       FORWARD one hour!


Sam & Ben Weston in Granite Rise have created a minecraft server which people in the village might enjoy: it is found at

Ben can provide remote technical asistance for those experiencing problems with mobile phones and computers. He can also provide remote assistance for students studying Maths GCSE and A level, and Physics GCSE and A level : 07366 241821.

Sam can provide remote assistance for students studying History GCSE and Geography GCSE: 07565 762969

For updates, please check the following:

  • Facebook –  @stbrewardcommunity;
  • Website – www.
  • Community emails –

St Breward is a strong community. We need to support each other and all local businesses. Lets get through this period together and support each other through this challenging time.

Denis & Christine Lusby, Darren Wills & Dale Stanley, Veronica Stansfield, Nigel Mitchell, Ted Raynham, Phil Nance, David Brattle

St Breward Community Newsletter No 3

The announcement today, Monday 23rd March, from the Prime Minister has given some clear instructions that relate directly to St Breward Stores. Boris Johnson has instructed everyone to ONLY leave home for:
* shopping
* one form of exercise a day
* any medical need
* Travel
ling to and from work
Guidance from The Post Office this
evening identified Postmasters and Post Office staff as key workers. Therefore, St Breward Stores & Post Office will still be open but on reduced hours.
Our new opening hours are:
Monday – Saturday: 7:30am – 12:00 noon  Sunday: 9am – 12 noon
Our Mobile Post Office will continue with its existing schedule with no change – this is still classed as an essential service.
As the Prime Minister has prohibited gatherings in public of more than two people who do not live together, we
therefore ask for a ‘one in, one out’ policy in both the shop and the Mobile Post Office. This not only ensures that you keep yourself other customers safe, but also our staff.

DELIVERIES: As some of you may have heard, Malcolm Barnecutt Bakery closed today, Monday 23rd March, until further notice. This means there are no bread and cake deliveries at present. We are looking urgently into other suppliers who may be able to supply us.
We are not sure until tomorrow (at least) about newspaper deliveries, milk deliveries, meat deliveries and fruit / vegetables. We will be contacting all of our suppliers tomorrow and will update you all shortly.
With regards to our main supplier (Bookers), who supply many of our ambient and chilled produce, these are very limited at the moment therefore we cannot guarantee what is in the shop, but please be assured we are doing our very best to keep the shop stocked with all of the essentials.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding. Please stay safe. Please pass this information onto any elderly or vulnerable who may not have access to the website, Facebook or emails

Darren, Dale, Jan, Lorraine, Viv, Victoria and Nikki

Are you visiting Cornwall?

Message from Cornwall Association of Local Councils

Are you visiting  Cornwall? Have you just arrived? If you choose to go against government advice and not go home, then please stay in your holiday home/ accommodation

                     AND SELF-ISOLATE FOR 7 DAYS

Cornwall has ONE hospital for the whole county and we have an elderly population. We will struggle to cope with the Coronavirus outbreak as it is without the pressure of many more people.

Get provisions in, stay at ‘home’ and spread the word:

  • Don’t go out
  • Don’t go to the shops
  • Don’t go for a walk
  • Don’t pop to the beach
  • Don’t take the dog out
  • Don’t nip out to watch the sunset
  • Don’t check the surf
  • Stay at home

Thank you for helping to protect this community.

Official HM Government advice: essential travel does NOt include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar whether for isolation purposes or holidays. people should remain in their primary residence. Not to do so puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk.