November edition of the Community News

Copies of the latest edition of the Community News are still available. Apologies for the delayed post!

As usual, lots to read: events past and future in ‘Down your Way – St Breward’, and also ‘The Helland View’ and ‘Blisland & Temple News & Events’ so that you can keep up with what’s happening all around the area. There’s an item about the month of Remembrance with a reminder about what it is we’re remembering; the Church and the WI have their monthly reports as do our MP and Cornwall Councillor and there are other items as well. Look through the adverts for the tradesperson you need, then relax with ‘Coffee Break’

Copies are available at the Old Inn from 11am – 11pm and also at the Blisland Community Shop. All good value for just £2.

October edition of The Community News still available

The latest edition of our beautiful Community News is still available to collect from the Old Inn between 11am – 11pm or Blisland community shop.   If you are not a paid subscriber, both venues also have copies on sale.

Get your copy to catch up on local events, both here and also in Blisland, Temple & Helland: read what has happened and what is planned in the future. As well as the regular reports from eg The Church, our MP, and others,  there are some wonderful wildlife photos, a tasty recipe, an item about the Launceston poet, Charles Causley and much, much more. Use your magazine to find the tradespeople you need, then relax with the Coffee Break quiz.

All this for only £2!

September edition of Community News

The latest edition of our attractive, easy to read, and very informative Community News is out now.

Get your copy to catch up on the news in St Breward and also Blisland, Temple and Helland too: read what has been happening here and what events are planned.Many interesting items, including a book review, a recipe and a tale about a lost ring, plus reports from our MP and the WI plus an update from the Local Search and Rescue team. Lots of adverts for local tadespeople too.

Available from the Old Inn 11am – 11pm (or Blisland Community Shop). All good value at £2.00


August edition of Community News

Copies of the August magazine are available from the Old Inn during their opening times of 11am to 11pm.

As well as the regular items, such as the updates from our Cornwall Councillor and our MP, the Church, and the Nature Reports, this month’s edition also includes Memories from a well known previous editior of The Parish Magazine and an article on Cornish & Welsh history. There’s also plenty of other news to read from St Breward as well as from Blisland, Temple and Helland so don’t forget to get your copy now!

Really good value at only £2 per copy (or less if you have a subscription!)

July edition of Community News now available

The latest edition of the Community News is available at the Old Inn, St Breward, either to collect if you have a subscription, or to buy ‘over the counter’: the Old Inn’s opening hours are 11am – 11pm. If you prefer, you can buy a copy, or arrange to collect your subscription copy, from the Blisland Stores by contacting Ben at

Catch up on the news from St Breward – and Blisland, Helland and Temple too – and find out what events are planned. See the reports from various sources including our Cornwall Councillor, our MP, the WI and  the Church –  which also gives notice of the retirement of our Rector/Vicar. Useful adverts for local businesses, the Coffee Break quiz and wordsearch, a recipe, and much more…

All for just £2!

June edition of Community News

                                                              Copies of the June edition of the Community News are still available from St Breward Stores.

Get your copy to read what’s been happening in St Breward and what events are planned, including what’s on in Carnival week, 24th June – 1st July.

Reports include those from the Church, the WI,  our MP and our Cornwall Councilllor plus other items such as those from Bodmin Search & Rescue Team, ‘Out and About’ and Nature Reports. You can also read about the happenings in Blisland, Temple and Blisland and enjoy the ‘Coffee Break’ quiz and wordsearch.

All this and more for only £2!

Community News for May still available

Apologies for the late posting. Copies of the latest Community News are still available at St Breward Stores: make sure you get your copy to find out about the happenings here in St Breward and also in Helland, Blisland & Temple.

‘Down Your Way – St Breward’ offers reports from many of the village groups; you can read the WI piece on their visit to the SUEZ incinerator at St Dennis; there are the regular articles from our Cornwall Councillor, our MP and our Rector and there are two separate items on Nature.

There’s also the ‘Coffee Break’ quiz and word search page and a cake recipe…

Lots to read as well as adverts for local businesses. All for only £2.00!