Saving Lives: update on the event

kneeling silhouette red heartsThanks to the people of St Breward, and especially Darren Wills and the Old Inn, the village has been able to purchase a community defibrillator which, since this training event, is now operative.

On Saturday 26th June, 28 people watched and listened to Norman Trebilcock from FLEET who showed us how to carry out CPR using a manikin: Norman is a wonderful speaker with a great sense of humour and helped us to understand the importance of starting CPR as soon as possible after the patient’s heart has stopped beating ie a cardiac arrest.


Teresa Moger, representing the Old Inn, is seen here with Norman Trebilcock from FLEET and Justin Bidder, a St Breward First Responder,  (all kneeling around a manikin, not a body!). Norman is holding a defibrillator.

Norman then persuaded members of the audience to practice these skills on the manikin: seen here is Jan Chivers being guided by Norman in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

defib training 2It was then explained to us that, while one person carries out CPR, another should dial 999 for an ambulance: ambulance control would then unlock the defibrillator cabinet (outside St Breward Stores) to allow the defib to be taken to the patient and would stay on the phone to assist with the defibrillation.

defib training 3Helen MacMillan, another St Breward First Responder, helps Paddy McShee to place the pads of the defibrillator correctly on the manikin’s chest.

By giving CPR within 3 minutes of a cardiac arrest and then defibrillation if required  (the equipment will tell you if a shock is needed) a life can be saved which might otherwise be lost.

A delicious selection of different soups, together with bread rolls, cakes, biscuits, tea & coffee were provided. The Friends of St Breward First Responders wish to thank those who donated £44.41 which will go towards funds.